Fotos von Mai 2018

What happened until now:
In May 2018, visual artist Mary Moon invited two women from Hamburg Claudia Kulemkampff and Rita Kohel to Yerevan; they organized a large screenprinting project during their ten-day stay. So they not only printed live on the Armenian Artfair, they also offered a four-day screenprint introductory course and an open workshop day, where interested people could learn this artistic technique. This was supported and financed by the Goethe-Institut Yerevan.
Due to the positive response of all those involved in these events, the desire for further exchange and the implementation of other artistic projects in Yerevan grew. A presentation about the trip and the project was made in Hamburg's Gängeviertel in June 2018. All visitors, wanted to learn more about Armenia and the current artistic development on site.
So it happened that Mary Moon traveled to Hamburg in August, we and Mary invited for an open discussion about the project as part of the Gängeviertel birthday and we organized an exhibition in the screen printing workshop of the Gängeviertel, the Farbfabrique.

Pictures from the Trip to Yerevan 2018:

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